The Perfect Essence All Women Desire for

It offers every skin care solutions you need
Moisture, Hydration, Vitality, Radiance, Anti-Aging
This is why everyone continues to look for Cell to Cell Essence.
  1. Unique Ingredient 1 Million Real Cells

    Extracting directly from natural plants,1 million Real Cells in 1 bottle of Re:NK Cell-to-Cell Essence boost skin youthful vitality inside-out.
  2. Distinct Effect Research-Proven Anti-Aging Effect

    Regeneration and regrowth of your inner skin cells resolves your skin problems and returns your skin elasticity after 2-week application of Re:NK Cell-to-Cell.
  3. Advanced Technology Korea’s 1st New Cell Technology

    Adopting the 1st New Cell Technology in Korea, the extracts of natural plant cells are enabled to 100% penetrate the deeper layers of the skin for rejuvenation.


Deliver the effective nutrients and proteins through the plant cells extracted from the plants known for everlasting vitality: Everlasting, Nopal and Myrrha

Experience your ultimate skin glow after applying Re:NK Cell-to-Cell Essence for 14 days

The perfect solution for intense transformation
to give you a healthy, glowing look.
Clinical Research Organisation: P&K Clinical Research Centre
Inspection Authority: National University Hospital
Period: December 23, 2013 ~ January 22, 2014
Target: 21 female aged 35 to 49

Only 2 full drops for an everyday basis, you will encompass the beauty from the inner skin

After cleansing,
use toner to gently wipe
away dirt and residue on face.
2 full drops of
Re:NK Cell-to-Cell Essence
then gently pat your face to absorb.
Beauty Tip : Apply 2 full drops of Re:NK
Cell-to-Cell Essence in both morning & night
for more effective skin improvement.

Remember to apply Re:NK Cell-to-Cell Essence every morning & night for your skin rejuvenation

Cell Care
For specific
skin problem
Beauty Tip: 10pm – 2am is the time for skin cell regeneration.


Redeem yours.

Experience your ultimate skin glow by applying Cell-to-Cell Essence after 2 weeks.
It offers every skin care solution you need: Moisture, Hydration, Vitality, Radiance, Anti-Aging.
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